How to Choose your smart home system

  With the progress of science and technology more and more families want to create a comfortable, energy-saving, environmentally and safe home environment, smart home system is a good choice, Let's talk about something about you and me .

 Why we need smart home system

Security control

The security system of intelligent Home, not only can be real-time monitoring of your home, once the intruder system can alarm immediately to the estate management and police, users also will be informed in the first time. And, if the gas is not shut down, the system can also inductor, at the first time in eliminating the risk. Security control, let you go without worry

 Appear at Home While You’re Away

Have the smart security system work for you and enjoy peace of mind when you’re out of city/town. Connecting a lamp to your smart security system can provide home security benefits. Set it to Away Mode, and the smart security system will automatically turn the light on and off to give the appearance that someone is home. No more wondering if you left your appliances on. You can monitor all of your connected devices and power them down.

 Scene mode-Scene mode let you set your home appliances, lighting according to the different scenes of life to meet your needs.

As a smart home, intelligent mode is an indispensable feature.Intelligent mode like your eyes (infrared), nose (gas alarm, smoke alarm), ear (magnetic induction, vibration) seems you are here anytime . As well it can adjust the light sockets and other equipment according to your behavior. Imagine when you wake up on the toilet in the middle night without turning on the light in the dark which will automatically open it. Let them work for you !

 Remote control function-No matter what room in the home with a remote control can control all the home lighting, curtains, air conditioning, audio and other electrical appliances.

 Smart home not only the trend it is future .


How to Choose your smart home system

    1.choose the interactive way you like

    Interactive way is what way you will adopt to control your home appliances. there are many interactive ways such as mobile phone APP control , voice control, gesture control. Now more and more we use mobile phone APP control. If the intelligent control system we purchase is controlled by mobile phone APP we suggest test app before purchase to see if the control interface is simple or easy to use and whether the design is beautiful.

    2.choose the simplest easy to use

    The installation of smart Home things need to arrange during the beginning of interior design and  wiring synchronously . the more simple intelligent control system Home Furnishing configuration the higher integration of the system technical content. In the future we operate more easier .

     3.choose the most compatibility

    The operating principle of intelligent home control system is that through the communication protocol of the intelligent home system, each subsystem can be connected with each other. Therefore, the choice of smart home control system must be carefully understand . it is better to test more to see how it compatibility whether smart home products can be completed control. powerful function

    Powerful smart home control system can integrate the function of home appliance control home security and monitoring, home digital entertainment, home information terminal and other functions .Before purchasing your intelligent home control system please test these functions .

     5.Most energy-saving environmental protection

    Part of the intelligent control system can monitor the air Home Furnishing, real-time judgment of whether the family Water Leakage, fire, etc . on the one hand, here is time for family to know the situation on the other hand can complete the processing of  emergency power off and time switch which can control your water, electricity and gas . Save money and make us relax. So when you decide to purchase your smart home product make sure it has functions and better to test before use .