Lombex Launched The New Waterproof Strip Light

Meet “Lombex”, a perfect solution to control all the lights of the house. Now introducing LED strip lights that are easily installable at any place in the home, be it the kitchen, bedroom, hallway or even DIY decoration projects. The LED lights are dimmable and can be controlled through a remote. This self-adhesive light can easily be attached to any smooth surface and will provide a cool ambience to the area.

 Lombex specializes in home automation products and solutions, especially, Lombex has expertise in lights and smart things. One of the new lights by Lombex is an LED strip light that looks beautiful and creates a lively atmosphere when attached to any kind of smooth surfaces like a wall, desk, stairs or railings. This LED light can remotely be controlled, thus giving a notion that it is a Lombex product.

The LED strip lights are self-adhesive that means that one doesn’t have to worry about attaching them to the surfaces; the strip lights simply adhere to the smooth surface. The LED lights are dimmable, that means that the customers can control the brightness, either diminish or brighten the lights with a remote control. To make the colors more even, the LED lights are made with a double layer of copper on the PCB board. Moreover, the light strip comes with an AC adapter and a warranty of up to 90 days.

With a large array of utility, the LED lights can be used anywhere inside the house to lighten up the mood. The unique colors in the light give a cheery look to the room and remove any gloom to freshen up the atmosphere. The light has 4 modes, flashing, breathing, strobe and gradient; all of these different modes give a different look to the room. Moreover, the LED light strip is 16.4 feet long, which means it has an ample length to be attached anywhere. These lights by Lombex give a sense of luxury and comfort to the house and the easy usage of these lights make them one of a kind.

The quality in the LED strip light by Lombex is depicted with the adhesive that’s been used on the light strip. Typical LED strip lights have an adhesive strip of inferior quality, this strip LED by Lombex is much superior to the others. Even after several uses, the adhesive doesn’t wear out, which makes it practical to use for years to come. The 3M adhesive strip ensures the sticking ability of the strip, so that the users don’t have to apply a tape to stick the strip light.

This professionally designed and built LED strip light makes it ideal to display it at the front, like an entrance, patio, or walls. The build quality is much better than other LED strip lights out on the market. This light by Lombex hides all the cable work professionally so that no cables or wires are exposed out, this gives the light a completed professional look, and is a proof that this LED light has been designed with great care by the professional engineers at Lombex. One of the customers who purchased this strip light says “This strip has quality branding and visual appeal. If this strip is going to be visible to anyone I would prefer to have this strip up as opposed to other strips.” 

Lombex has designed this LED light with a water-proof coating that means it is safe to use this light even on the outside of the house, where rainwater may typically fall. The water will not cause any kind of damage to the light. Moreover, Lombex is selling this light which is much cheaper than other waterproof lights, which makes it a perfect deal. It is an all in one package, strongly built, waterproof, aesthetic design, quality adhesive and a vast array of lighting combinations.

Lombex is a leading manufacturer of smart lights and home automation products, this LED strip light is a great addition to a large variety of products produced by Lombex. The smart LED bulbs and strip lights by Lombex can be controlled to adjust the brightness levels by using the app or a remote control. By leveraging the power of 3G and 4G in combination with Wi-Fi technology, Lombex has successfully created smart home solutions, so that the users can control much of the appliances at their house even when away from the home, thus entering into an era of home automation. With a specialization in home automated lighting, Lombex provides an easy approach to control the lights.