Lombex Lux Nova WiFi Bulb using guide

How to operate :

  1. Download APP :  Search "lombex" by Google play (for android system); search "lombex" by APP store (for Apple-IOS).

 Register and sign in APP

Run the APP.

Login with your account & password, For the first time using, you have to register a new account.


How to enter pairing mode : ( Two ways option) :

When you turn on the bulb it is firstly a normal bulb , if you don't want to connect then          it is normal bulb . If you are ready to get connection , follow me :

1. First paring mode :                                                                                              
A.switch the bulb ON/FF 3 times by following these steps:On - Off - On - Off-ON-off -On,until light begins to flash quickly. Switch time interval should not exceed 10 seconds .

B.Open the "Lombex"APP ,Click on the button"Add device " Select the WI-FI network and enter the password (if applicable) Tap "next" (Note:Currently does not support 5G band WIFI network)
C.The app proceeds through the configuration process .Once connected, the "Add successfully " message appears .You can rename it .


Second pairing mode :
A.If bulb flash slowly ,Please Tap the "+ "at the top corner select the AP mode in the top right .
B.Press confirm indicator slowly blink ,and enter your wifi password .
C.Go to the WiFi setting , find "Smart life ×××" . Select it and connected to the hotspot.
After connected, Please return to the Lombex App,you will find the device connected.

Note : If you have any pairing problem , please go to our official website or youtube channel here is video instruction or contact our support team for assistance .


How to work with Alexa


  • Your Mobile device
  • Fully configured Amazon Alexa System
    (refer to the user manual of your Amazon Alexa Product for setup instructions).
  • Amazon Alexa App installed on your mobile device.
  • Fully configured Lombex Wifi Smart System
    (refer to the installation and pairing sections of this user manual for instructions).
  • Lombex App installed on your mobile device
  • Lombex account login details (created during ‘Wireless Pairing’)
  • We recommend using location descriptive, easy to pronounce names for smart
    devices to improve ease of recognition for Amazon Alexa, these should be set up in
    the Lombex App before starting the Linking process.
    Amazon Alexa will automatically adopt the names of the devices that have been
    added to the Lombex account though the app beforehand

Linking your Lombex account to Amazon Alexa:
 1. Open the Amazon Alexa App on your mobile device and go to Skills.
 2. Search for the Lombex skill and enable it.
 3. Enter your Lombex account details and tap Link Now.
 4. Wait until the message: ‘Alexa has been successfully linked with Lombex’ appears.
 5. Return to the Alexa App and tap Discover Devices.
 6. Wait until the device discovery is complete.
 7. Your Lombex Smart Devices should now appear in Alexa’s Devices with your
predefined names.
 8. You can now give voice commands to Alexa to control the Lombex Smart Devices.
 9. You can now add your devices to existing groups or create new groups with the
devices in Alexa’s account.

Supported Skills:

  • Alexa, turn on [device name]
  • Alexa, turn off [device name]
    • Alexa, set [device name] to [scene]
    Only on dimmable devices:
    • Alexa, set [device name] to [1-100] percent
    • Alexa, increase/decrease [device name] by [1-100] percent
    • Alexa, brighten/dim [device name] by [1-100] percent
    Only on color changeable devices:
    • Alexa, set [device name] to [color]


How to work with Google home

  1. Add device : make sure there's at least one device that support Google Home in device list.
  2. Modify device name: changing device name to a easily recognized one. Such as :living room light, bedroom light
  3. Sut up Google Home: make sure phone system language is English. Then use Home App to set up Google Home.
  4. Add Home Google Action: add device in Home Control of the Home app. Select "Smart Life", then fill in the correct login into your app account to finish the account linking. Your device should be listed in Home Control device list now.

5.Control device: Now you can control devices through Google Home. The following voice commands are supported:

OK Google, turn on the plug

                                                                                                                                            OK Google, set bedroom light to 35%

 OK Google, brighten bedroom light

 OK Google, kitchen light to green.


How to work with IFTTT ( Now it only support on/off , more function will comes soon )

  1. Download and register the IFTTT Account
  2. Prepare Lombex app account

3.Logo in IFTTT and search for " smartlife " connection

4.logo in Lombex account and connection , choose your location

  1. After connection , choose the applet which you need and setting .
  2. Set the applet 
  3. Select " new applet " click "this" , select the app which you want to set as condition .
  4. Select the " trigger "
  5. Select " smartlife " app as the executor

    d .Select action , choose "turn on " and choose the device you have connect with lombex app.

  1. Click "finish"



Warning :

 1.connect the bulb with your WIFI before using!
2.Make sure the volage is within AC 85-265V.
3.Avoid using bulb in high temperature or moisture situation.
4.Make sure the power is OFF before installation!!!
5.DO NOT touch bulb while it's working & in 30 minutes after turn off,to avoid being scalded.