How Lombex Impera work with google and ifttt

How to link your Lombex account to Google Home


1. Link and set up your Lombex devices through the Lombex app.
Make sure to give your devices unique names that describe the application and/or location, as these
names will also be used by Google Home.
2. Open the
Google Home app on your mobile device and tap the menu icon at the top left of the screen.

3. Select Home Control from the menugoogle home connection



4. Go to the Devices tab and tap the + at the bottom right of the screen

smart home


5. Select the Smart Life service from the list


6. Enter your Lombex account details and tap Link Now

7. Tap Authorize to allow Google services to control your Lombex devices  

8. A list of your Lombex devices should now appear in your
Google Home device list with your predefned names.

Lombex Impera