How To Work With Alexa

Quick Guide of

Using Amazon Echo To Control Lombex Devices


1.   Preparation content

  1. Amazon Alexa APP
  2. Amazon Alexa accountusers need to register their own account
  3. Lombex APP
  4. Lombex APP accountusers need to register their own account
  5. Echo, Echo Dot ,Tap and other Amazon voice-operated devices.
  6. Lombex devicefor example, Smart Bulb


2.   Add device

2.1.  Download Lombex APP

Please download Lombex APP first

Please scan the QR Code , or get Lombex downloaded from App Store , Android Market.


2.1.  Register an  account in Lombex

Open Lombex into account registration page, click on the upper right corner of the "Register”.

After successful registration into Lombex.


1.1.  Add devices (for example, Smart Bulb)

After login to Lombex APP, click on “+

Lombex APP supports two types of distribution network modes: EZ mode and AP mode. EZ mode is default. 

EZ mode: The Smart Bulb is in a state of fast flashing .(Two times about a second)

AP mode: The Smart Bulb is in a state of slow flashing .(Once about 2 seconds)

After entering the “Add Device” page , confirm whether the Smart Bulb is EZ mode. if not, can switch to EZ mode by a continuous operation of "on-off-on-off-on" . Then click on "indicator light is flashing fast" to start adding Smart Bulb.

Select the Device Work Wi-Fi and enter the password, then start the configuration of the device. Success tips will be displayed after a successful operation.

Description: Device Work Wi-Fi, which is the device through the Wi-Fi router connection network. Lombex APP will tell the router SSID and password to the device. The device can remember these messages and connect the Internet through the Wi-Fi.

1.1.  Rename the device

After the device is added successfully, click the device description text to modify device name. The name of the device is recommended to use easy pronunciation of the English words. (Amazon Echo only supports English temporarily)

Multiple devices can be added and renamed according to the above procedures.

1.   Set your Echo speaker by Alexa APP

The Wi-Fi Network of Echo speaker can be setted by the PC version or Alexa APP.

PC version URL

Attention:The domestic test can be directly used with PC version, because China Store APP market can not download the App.

Because the operating of PC version is similar to Alexa APP, here only gives the introduction of Alexa APP.

You can download Amazon Alexa APP from Google Play or APP Store.

Attention: both are foreign markets, App Store must use a foreign account to download.

Download link:




Android APP also can be searched by Google, for example:


Install the APP and open it.

Then sign in with Alexa account&password.(If not registered, sign up first.)

After login, click the menu on the left corner.

Choose a device (for example, Echo).

4.Enable Lombex skill in Alexa APP

Choose “Skills” in the options bar, and then search "Lombex" in the input box.

Select Lombex in the search results, and then click “Enable Skill”.

AttentionIf there are more than one test, there will be the following interface, which indicates that the account has been bound. You can click on the "Disabel Skill" to remove the binding, and then click on the "Enable Skill" to continue to bind a new Lombex account.

Select the country/region where your Lombex account belongs to. Then input the user name and password that You had previously registered.

When you see the page below, it means the Alexa account is linked with Lombex account.