Lombex Impera Actis Pro WiFi Plug

Q: How to Connect Lombex Impera Actis Pro With my WiFi Router

1.Pleas install the Lombex App from the IOS or Android App Store 

 2.Connect the smart plug and make sure the status light is flashing

 3.Open the Lombex App on your smart device  

 4.Register a new account or Login to an existing one

 5.Tap the Add Device button or the + at the top corner 

 6.Follow the instructions to connect the smart plug to your WiFi network  

 7.Give your device a unique name, and this name will be used for the Lombex App and Alexa


Q: How to reset my Lombex Impera Actis Pro ? 

Install the smart plug and hold the power button for 4 seconds, until the LED starts flashing. And the smart plug is now reset and ready for pairing.


Q:How to connect my Lombex Impera Actis Pro with Alexa:

1.Open the Alexa app and go to Skills

2.Search for the Lombex skill and enable it

3.Enter your Lombex account details and tap Link Now

4.Return to the Alexa app and tap Discover Devices

5.The smart plug should now appear in Alexa's Devices with your predefined name

Now you can give voice commands to Alexa to control the smart plug "Alexa, turn on ...".


Q: Is there a video to guide me to operate my Lombex Impera Actis Pro ? 

If got any problem on Lombex Impera Actis WiFi Plug , please kindly see this instruction video will show you how to connect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ChFdIYLTVU  

Or search "Lombex smart plug" on YouTube