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Lombex Motion Sensor Led bulb light

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Automatically turn on/off  without clicking switch. Don't need to turn on the light in the darkness .More energy-saving More convenient .

Intelligent switch:

  • When people go into the scope of the light bulb induction the lamp light on automatically .
  • When people leaves the bulb induction area, light will automatically off according in the set off time, normally is about 90 seconds


Light sensing switch:

  • When the light bulb in the use of ambient light value is higher than 10LX, the lamp does not light
  • When the light bulb in the use of the ambient light value is lower than 10LX, people walk around, lights on.


Fixed dimming: (customizable)

  • When the detection of people gradually bright start (waiting), and then to the body when the full light;
  • When the human body leave the area within the scope of the induction lamp 1-90S lamp for the full light, 90S lights for the waiting, 110S after the lights off (when in the lighting time to repeat the trigger time to restart)
  • No human body when waiting for induction, 20S after the lights off


Technical Data :

Rated voltage: 100-240VAC (50/60HZ)

Power factor: >0.5

Lamp type: E27

Full bright power: 7W±10%

Waiting power: 3W±10%

Standby power: <1W

Microwave frequency: 5.8GHz±75MHz

Light flux: ≥ 500LM

Waiting for flux: ≥ 250LM

Color temperature: 3000K/4500K/6000K

Color index: ≥ 80CRI

Life span: ≥30000 hours

Induction distance: human detection range diameter 6~10m